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Hawksmoor Wines On The Map

15 August 2018
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Dan Really likes wine puts Hawksmoor Wines on the map! 

Dan explains how our Cabernet Franc does justice to making it as a single varietal. Find out more in the vlog below and more... Read more

Western Cape Dams Nearing 50%

17 July 2018
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With a promising rainfall season in the Western Cape, this winter has seen a game changer for the much dreaded " Day Zero". A substantial amount of rainfall has been received this winter in the ... Read more

How It All Began: History Of Hawksmoor House

17 June 2018
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A brief history of Hawksmoor House on Matjieskuil Farm.

According to the original document on display at Hawksmoor House, the land was deeded in 1692 by Simon van der Stel, one of the... Read more

Winter in Stellenbosch

25 April 2018
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It is a preconceived idea that travelling in winter is not such a great thing to do. We beg to differ, because there can never be a better time to travel, especially visiting Stellenbosch. There... Read more

Valentine's Day:Things To Do At Hawksmoor House

08 February 2018

Are you looking for that truly special place to celebrate Valentine's Day? Well, look no further than Hawksmoor House, a country retreat offering a totally unspoilt, unpolished and authenti... Read more

Create Your Own Cape Winelands Tour

15 January 2018
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The Cape Winelands Route is one of the most sought-after routes in South Africa, but it's not surprising that many a people are yet to see this amazing route. If you have not seen or taken a tou... Read more

7 Fun Facts About Wine!

10 November 2017

It's not unusual that most people drink wine but have very little knowledge about it, more so, its fun facts! We have compiled some true and fun facts about wine that will give you a fun and bet... Read more

Hawksmoor House Stepping It Up For Summer

09 October 2017

Summer is the season that everyone looks forward to all year. Whether it's a summer vacation, the beach, activities, events, or simply the sun, every person has their personal favourite thi... Read more

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