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7 Fun Facts About Wine!

10 November 2017

It's not unusual that most people drink wine but have very little knowledge about it, more so, its fun facts! We have compiled some true and fun facts about wine that will give you a fun and better understanding of very old and complex drink. These facts will also make your wine drinking a better experience.

Winemaking is a monk's innovation. Winemaking started in the Middle-Ages and was discovered by the monastic orders such as the Cistercians and Benedictines. It is to these orders that we owe contemporary winemaking. In fact, one of the world-renowned champagnes,  Champagnes Dom Pérignon was named after a monk whose name was Dom Pierre Pérignon. He was an early advocate of organic wine-making and until now, his methods are still relevant to modern wine-making. 

Red wine is good for your health. Red wine is known to contain antioxidants that are beneficial to the body. Such antioxidants as polyphenol and resveratrol have anti-cancer and cardio-protective properties. It is also widely known that grape skins are rich in antioxidant and since red wine is fermented with grape skins, it, therefore, contains such health properties. That's more than a reason to drink wine every day. One or two glasses are recommended!

Wine Names Usually Indicate Location or Grape Varieties. Most wines, especially in the Europe are named after geographical locations in which they were made. One very famous example would be the Bordeaux wine which is produced in the Bordeaux region of France while Cab-Sav is from California. Another interesting fact is that the colour of wine also tells you about its geographical origin and climate where the grapevine is located. Darker shades of wine, namely the darkest reds and yellow whites come from warm climates. Lighter colours come from cooler climates and taste lighter and less lush. 

Women get drunk faster from wine. This is because the water to fat ration in women's bodies.Women have higher fat content than men and fat does not absorb alcohol there spreading to less liquid, leading to a higher blood alcohol concentration. 

Wine was discovered about 6,000 years ago in the Middle East. The earliest remnants of wine were found in Iran, dating back to 8500-4000 B.C. It is believed that the wine was originally fermented by mistake. Native yeasts accidentally came in contact with grapes stored in containers, turning the sugars in the grapes into alcohol. Winemaking was then refined by the Egyptians and spread throughout the Mediterranean by the Greek. The Romans made it famous in Europe and the Europeans took their brew to the New World, Oceania and South Africa.

Wine does not make you fat.  Yes, this is true! Recent studies have shown that women who occasionally drink wine carry about 4.5 kilos less than women who do not drink at all. Experts say calories in wine are not metabolized the same way calories from carbs, protein and fat. 

There are people who are scared of wine. Some people have a genuine fear of wine. This is called oenophobia.

Article credit: www.wiine.me

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